French artisanal methods

French artisanal methods

There’s a big debate in France regarding the true origins of the praliné. Some say it was invented by the Duke of Praslin and his chef Clément Lassagne, others say it was a creation by Marshal Duplessis and his cook Pralin. What we do know is that since 1680, the prasline officially became praliné and it has been a treat to all gourmands ever since.
Today, at Cavaletti Paris, we work the praliné by respecting artisanal french methods. We use almonds and hazelnuts sourced with care to make the praliné in our Parisian laboratory.

The texture of praliné can vary according to different recipes: it can be smooth or crispy, but always refined. All of our recipes were developed to contain less sugar and more dried fruits than their more traditional counterparts, in order to combine crunch with a chocolate that melts in your mouth.

From the snappy center to the chocolate cover, Sophie makes each Cavaletti herself and she stamps them according to their flavour. We believe that the luxury is in the details and Sophie loves this elegant treat. She finds pleasure in looking for that perfect formula and joy within the metamorphosis of the ingredients into a happy treat.

« Anaxagoras says that man is the most intelligent of the animals because he has hands, but it would be better to say that he has hands because he is the most intelligent.» Aristotle

“My joy comes from having traded my business suit for a pastry chef jacket! To be able to update the taste of the traditional praliné to our current palate, I select only the top ingredients: organic and responsibly sourced; and I pair them with toasted dried fruits and less sugar, it’s so much better! » Sophie